HTC Sensation Owners, Prepare For Android Ice Cream Sandwich Update

The HTC Sensation has just been confirmed to be receiving an update to its operating system. It currently runs the Gingerbread version of the popular smartphone platform, but users can now look forward to the Ice Cream Sandwich version in the near future. This will be provided as an over the air update, so users will be able to download it over a Wi-Fi connection. If you own an HTC Sensation, you are likely to have a few questions regarding the update, and in this article I will answer a few of the likely queries that users may have.

How Do I Install the Software Update?
When the update is made available, HTC Sensation owners will be prompted with an alert that the update is available. This also goes for users of other HTC smartphones such as the Sensation XE, Sensation XL and Evo 3D. No specific date has been given, but it is expected that it will happen within the next few weeks. As long as you are connected to a Wi-Fi network, you can instantly download the update by going to the notifications bar which slides down from the top of the screen. Tap the update alert, and it will begin downloading automatically, and installation should take no more than a few minutes, so if you are expecting an important call it may be worth waiting to install the upgrade until afterwards.

What Features Can I Expect From The Update?
Ice Cream Sandwich provides what is arguably the biggest overhaul to the platform for some time, so you can expect a few major differences. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus was released recently to showcase the new software, and this has some very impressive features, of which most if not all will be compatible with the HTC Sensation. For starters, the interface has a completely new look and feel, but we do not know at this stage how this will affect the HTC Sense UI which is an HTC exclusive Android interface. Some neat features include a special shortcut key which displays all the most recent and currently open applications, face recognition which allows you to unlock the phone by face recognition rather than a password or PIN code (although these options will remain in place) and the phone will automatically search for updates when turned on.

Is The Update Worth It?
This will be down to personal preference. If you are currently happy with the features of the HTC Sensation, it is not essential to download the update and you can keep the current version of Android. However, if you are keen to have the latest features the software provides, then by all means you should download it, as it is free of charge. If you download the new software, you always have the option to resort back to the current version; it does not have to be a permanent change.

I will certainly be making the upgrade as I am looking forward to getting my hands on the new features it provides. If you own one of the compatible handsets, look out for a new article from me when the update is made available, and I will provide a more in depth look at its features.

Reasons Why You Would Prefer Android Over iOS?

It may seem a bit surprising but it is true that in comparison the popular iOS is not as popular as the Android. Android means an open source platform where you can customize the features and have the freedom to download third-party software. With iOS users it seems to be a restricted area. However with changing times there is an increasing demand by iOS users for personalization. Internal sources of Apple are reluctant to provide free access to users. It is all about privacy and user security. This concern for user security is valid as a user might unknowingly download malware or any such threat on their device.

Still it might seem that it would be so much better if only iOS developers would adapt some of the amazing capabilities. Let us have a look at them.

Keyboard Replacement

Most iOS users are keen on getting their customization related to keyboard. It would be better if they can replace their default keyboard with a customized one. At times it is difficult to imagine typing with a tiny keyboard on the touch-screen with one hand. With Android it is possible to replace your default keyboard with the SwiftKey. This third-party keyboard enables the option of tap and type for convenience. Additionally, it adapts to your typing style and gives you advance prediction. Whenever you are constructing a message you can drag your finger to choose words. This saves time in constructing a message and makes communication faster.


The lock screen of iOS seems to be a bit static. It would be better if there were widgets that would fetch information from your apps. If you use Android then you would love how widgets allow you to fetch data from your apps and display it on your lock screen. It is all about users who prefer flexibility of settings according to their convenience and taste.

Customizing apps

The major advantage that you get using an Android is that of customization of apps. Android interface allows you to customize certain things including blocking a caller. If you want you can even block calls from a certain area by entering the area code. You can even send calls to your voicemail box if you want to avoid someone without being rude. DND or the do not disturb mode allows you to send a response via message or pre-defined text message.

Replacing default actions

App Intents allows you to share content and other information in-between apps including sharing pictures. You can share information from one editing app and send it to another one. Additionally, users are allowed to choose the media types for playing a media file with other such actions like choosing your default app. For example you can choose Google Chrome as your default browser and choose Google Maps as your default app for navigation.

Multi-User Support

If you are thinking about sharing an iOS device with your friend circle it is essential to have the same OS. This is what makes sharing difficult. This creates overlapping of apps, software, contacts and other login related stuff. This is what creates a lot of

Android allows you to customize individual accounts when you share a device amongst a group. Personalization is easy including managing individual accounts, automated scheduling of tasks, adjusting controls, accessibility of Wi-Fi and airplane mode. You can even monitor battery usage and manage power consumption by adjusting the brightness along with data usage. Restricting access to limited number of apps will help saving battery power to extend device usage.

Launcher replacement

The best thing to happen to Android probably is the Facebook Home. This helps you take tweaking to the next level. You can easily make changes in your home screen and enable news feed from your lock screen. You can even re-skin and change themes as per your taste. LauncherPro allows you to give you quick access and even navigational convenience.

Advantages Of Choosing Android For Mobile Application Development

Android is currently one of the most popular and widely used operating system for smart-phones. It is the biggest competitor of IT giant Apple Inc in the mobile device segment and gives tough competition to its elite range of iPhones and iPads. Organizations and businesses are now very attracted towards Android as they have captured a huge user base now.

Organizations usually hire a professional software development company and acquire the Android applications from them. Android application development definitely has some big time benefits that attract so many clients and mobile development companies for it. Listed below are some of the most prominent benefits of Android application development are:

Huge Returns And Low Budget: Android is an open source technology which comes with no licensing charge. Further, you can always find resources from a mobile development company for developing android apps at very reasonable price thus reducing the overall development cost. If your app is really good and can attract and impress users then you are definitely going to get huge returns from it. It is now a very popular trend to develop innovative and unique apps and release them over the android app market.

Affordable: Developing applications for Android platform is very affordable as all the tools and technologies required for it can be easily downloaded from the internet for free. Application development can be done on windows system thus any extra hardware is not required. This allows the mobile development company to offer many revisions to their clients as it does not cost anything extra other than the resource working on it.

Advanced Integration: Android is considered as the best mobile platform for inter application integration. Many a times there is requirement to combine several program or cross promote them and this can be done best over Android platform. Even a mobile development company would sincerely suggest you Android platform if your project requires such work to be done. This feature has attracted many developers to try their skills on this platform and innovate new applications.

Syndication programs: One of the other great benefits of Android is that developers can use a wide array of techniques while developing applications. Further, they can also disperse various different retailers using syndication programs. Android is so popular that there are numerous solutions available for Android based applications and this helps the mobile development company in developing advanced apps.

You can easily hire a reputed software development company and get them to build a really useful application that does exactly what you intended it too. However, you have to be a little careful while choosing the software development company for your Android application project as there are also some service providers who do not have the proper knowledge, skills and technology to develop great apps and they can ruin your project. The best technique would be to conduct extensive research and investigation into the clients past work and present capabilities to ensure that he is capable of developing you application properly and delivering it on time.